Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 149.5! Homemade Raspberry Lime Rickey

Of all the refreshing summer drinks that exist in this world, my favorite ever is the sweet/sour/syrupy beautiful Lime Rickey. Jewel-red-pink in color, fizzing with soda water, its sweetness cut by a tangy squeezed lime, just one sip instantly transports me to Brigham's or Bailey's in Harvard Square. Back in the day, .50 cents got you a large soda fountain drink. Vanilla Cokes were a close second, but not nearly as refreshing or summery.

So, yesterday, when my awesome friend and neighbor offered to let me pick "as many raspberries as you want" from her gorgeous garden, she didn't have to say it twice. Basket in hand, I must have eaten at least half of what I picked (while picking, because warm raspberries off the cane are truly blissful), but not so many that I didn't have enough left to make raspberry simple syrup for my very own Lime Rickey. Ahhh, to be 10 again, walking down Mount Auburn Street on a hot summer day, two quarters in hand, sure to run into friends, Hari Krishna's, street musicians, jugglers and any number of Cambridge characters.  I know I can never really go back there, and Brigham's and Bailey's are long gone, but on this steamy summer day, Lime Rickey in hand, that's where I'm going...until my glass is empty.

Homemade Raspberry Lime Rickey
(Makes a large pitcher -Adapted amounts for smaller or individual servings serving)

12 ounces homemade raspberry syrup (recipe below)
Juice of 8 large limes
32 ounces cold club soda
  1. Fill a large pitcher or 8 glasses.
  2. Pour 12 ounces of raspberry syrup and lime juice over ice, then top with club soda.
  3. Stir to mix, and garnish with lime wedges, frozen raspberries and/or mint.

Raspberry Simple Syrup

4 cups raspberries
3 cups sugar
2 cups water

  1.  Boil all the ingredients together for 10 minutes
  2.  Strain through a double layer of cheese cloth, squeezing as much liquid as you can.
  3.  Let cool.
  4.  Refrigerate and use to add to Lime Rickey, ice tea, lemonade or anything your sweet heart desires.

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Karen said...

yes yes YES !! Oh yeah baby !! Love Raspberry Lime Rickeys. Johnny's in Newton Centre does a decent one...but I want this one now !!

sadie said...

Ha! Karen, I just love your enthusiasm...makes me wish you lived next door - although we'd probably get ourselves into all kinds of foodie trouble! xoxox

LN said...

those glasses you chose for the pictures match up perfectly with the way you recounted your memory. I wish those places were still in Harvard Square. Also: ever had a New York Egg Cream? Those are my favorite soda fountain drinks. (If you aren't familiar, the name is probably off-putting. They include neither eggs nor cream.)

sadie said...

Hi NL - Thank you, and I wish those stores were still there too - everything's been replaced by up-scale stores...blechhh....I will look into the New York Egg cream! Do you have a recipe??

mensajes claro said...

Wow , Everthing looks so delicious.

sadie said...

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you'll try this and enjoy it as much as I did.