Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Magical Evolution of a Foodie Blogger's Kitchen

 Enter My Kitchen - Where the Journey Unfolds...
Counter top still life
Flowers, fruit and vegetables from the Mudville Farmer's Market
Fruit ripening for
tonight's Grenadian meal
Okay, so if you're like me, you love being in your kitchen. And, if you've given yourself over to cooking, creating, photographing and writing about your adventure, your kitchen is also your studio.

Seven months into this world adventure, my kitchen has become much more than the warm place it always was. It's an extension of my passion; a place where I use my imagination and my tools to create tangible expressions of an idea that has morphed  into possibilities unanticipated and those yet to be revealed.  And, now that I've given myself over to following the flow of this concept, rather than trying to construct or manage it, it's just plain magical.

I know what you're thinking - here are the adjectives that may come to mind: loco, obsessive, fixated, possessed, driven...Yep, all true and  exponentially fun.
Tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, lemons and avocados

My son is a glassblower - I love to fill his creations with beautiful things. Every time he brings me a new glass, bowl, orb or vase, I see possibilities.

Just one small section of my pantry - I need more jars!
I like to store as much as I can in glass jars where I can see exactly what and how much I have on hand and I'm forever on the look out for cool glass containers with good lids. Lately I've been thinking about switching all my spices to glass containers so I can see all their beautiful colors and textures.

My butcher block workspace - handmade by my Step Dad, Michael

Lastly, I'm always wondering about how I can make this experience better for my readers and  interesting from a global perspective - My kitchen is small, but the world is a big, colorful place and I want to do the countries I cook in justice...Let me know what you think!
A small, efficient space where I can reach everything in just a few steps

A small sample of the dishes I use when I plate and photograph  my meals - I need more space!

Ingredients for tonights meal from Grenada

Tim's glass and my grandmother's silver - I use everything I own , no matter how  antique

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Karen said...

other than my own kitchen, the best place to cook is your kitchen with's chock full of way cool stuff, but you make it the best :)